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How to make Bibimbap! , Play a Mini Game and snow again! –Day 5

By Feb 5, 2012March 15th, 20133 Comments

Assalamualaikum.. hai.. Day 5 (3 Feb 2012).. last day of our Korea Language Class.. so sad.. we are having 5 days wih the sonsengnim(teacher).. There are so cute and we have learned a lot.. But ya, there is no more class.

We had ended our class with the singing korea song like stated at my previous entry : Korean Traditional Dress.. I have recorded the video for every classes performance.. I will upload later.. still don’t have enough time to do dat!


Performance by the class 3

Besides, we also learn how to cook Bibimbap and Korean Royal Court Cuisine.. It’s easy to make it.. you should try ..


Rizky! He works hard to cut the fried yellow egg! hahaha.. but he a fast learner! nice man, u did a great job!


The ingredients, In front on plate : bean sprouts, carrot, cucumber, mushroom, the mount vegetable, and I forget what is the black one in the box..hehe

At the back : white egg, yellow egg, white floor and yellow floor (just put the egg colour)…


Finally, we did it!! hahahaa.. The left side is Bibimbap and the right side is Royal Court Cuisine .. Royal Court Cuisine consist of 9 type of food…

I has tried the Royal Court Cusine, and seriously I don’t like wassabi!!!!

At night, we went to UiJeongBu palying a  mini game like Time Square.. haha.. Im lucky because got two free tickets to play the game.. kikiki.. thanz to my leader Kwang and HaeDi .. Thanz a lot..

I played two games.. First , Disco game,, I and Tiqa got free tickets.. hehe.. others bought the ticket.. haha..and other game was 4D screen game! haha.. lucky me!




Haaaaa. best of the best.. Disco.. bounce bounce bounce! hahhaa


And suddenly when we wanna go back, it was a snowing again! wowww!!! besttt!! heheeh.. Alhamdulillah.. Lucky us!!.

Before that, I bought some masks aloe and cucumber! 10 pieces only 2,000 won… = RM ~6.00.. Cheap right? who want it?? Please comment below! heheeh.. only two lucky person can get it! haha

Cik Na

Cik Na

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