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Korean Traditional Dress – Day 4

By Feb 2, 2012March 15th, 20132 Comments


Assalamualikum.. we are having Korean Class for the morning and evening.. arghhh..really tired and sleepy.. Hohoh.. Pictures with teachers that are teaching us!.. Really had fun with them.. funny and superb! ikikikiki

We also learn a few songs such as Olmoyo (how to – purchasing), Otokke Bal Haika and  Masissoyo (deliciuos).. The rhythms are from childhood songs.. Olmoyo  using a music from ‘are you sleeping’ and Masissoyo from ‘twinkle twinkle’.. Really enjoyed the song ..

Last Day of the camp we need to perform these songs according to our class numbers. Luckily we got the short lyrics and song.. hahahaha… Just olmoyo!.. Wait the video.. it will be uploaded soon..

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With Sonsengnim


Our Class Sonsegnim

And today we are having a good time with the leaders and Daejin University staff with the Korean Traditional Dress..  Hahaah.. Me… looks so funny.. Like alif said “ You look like a pregnant !” hahahahah.. serius.. im look funny.. but it’s ok.. it was good .. we aleady tried the dress for free.. Don’t be jealous!! hehe


Click to enlarge!


Hehehee… yeaaaah.. We are with Korean Traditional Dress.. The dress actually expensive to buy. And both Korean girls are our leaders or facilitators.. Cham Yoppeyo!!! Cham Mocoyo!

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Cham Yoppeyo means very beautiful, anda cham mocoyo is mean very handsome! kikikiki

By the way, tomorrow will be our last class for Korean Language, then we will having a trip started on Saturday!.. for a week.. hahaha.. no more learning class.. but acually, learning Korean Language is superb..! you should and must learn it..!

For the entry learning NUMBERs in Korean language will be made soon. Sorry for late!!

Get more Stories at link below .. Im at KOREA!! =)

*my english are not good, but I try at least our korean friends can read it*

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